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iConText is the largest independent group of agencies providing omni digital marketing solutions in the Russian market. Founded in 2002 the сompany grew into the leading market player with the staff of over 250 employees. iConText current clients include top multinational and hugest local advertisers. Years of presence on the market enabled iConText to achieve its market leader status supported by in-house expertise and managing tools to deliver efficient high impact advertising campaigns for its clients.

Digital Strategy Development

  • Data-driven digital marketing strategy
  • Deep competitor research and insights
  • Precise forecasts and A/B testing hypothesis

Search Engine Advertising

  • Efficient pay-per-click campaigns on Yandex and Google
  • Sophisticated automation tools bidding based on keyword's ROI
  • Automated conversion rate optimization

Search Engine Optimization

  • Your website on Yandex or Google search results page
  • Pay-for-result model (position, click or lead)
  • Deep technical and behavioral website optimization

Social Media Advertising and Marketing

  • Efficient campaigns on Facebook, vKontakte and Odnoklassniki
  • Comprehensive automation tools allowing to optimize ads' CTR
  • Management of Facebook, vKontakte and Odnoklassniki communities
  • Online reputation management

Mobile Advertising

  • Enlarge your app's userbase on par-per-install basis
  • Improve app users retention rates and lower CPI
  • Improve conversion rates in app using analytics tools

Web Analytics

  • Analysis and improvement of website effectiveness
  • Conversion optimization and sales growth improvement
  • Best enterprise-class web analytics solutions

Lead Nurturing

  • Cohort analysis and CRM retargeting
  • Email retargeting to lower cart abandonment
  • Triggered retargeting startegies across the web
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